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Hello Friend!  

We all know that life can be a struggle sometimes as we search for answers to some pretty lofty questions. I believe these answers can help further our collective search for truth, love, respect and provide answers to life's meaning.  

It is not by chance you have found my blog. There is nothing special or out of the ordinary here; only the same messages you would have found elsewhere in your search. Just so happened my path was the one you crossed at this time. After all, my words are our words in the end and these particular words tell the truth. As you continues to read, please keep an open mind, remember that we all are connected on every level and we are all special and perfect beings.  

Gift from a friend.

Things that now make sense:

Why I was born.

Why I look the way I do.

Why my life has been as difficult as it has.

Why I learned the things I have.

This is heady stuff but it is as real as anything has ever been. It is exciting and I want to help you find your way as well. Enable you to see that your true path has no obstacles, perceived or physical.

When I realized my survival is due to yours, took off my ego hat and acknowledged I had never actually done anything all by myself really ever, things started to fall into place. Everything starts with something and finding the something that leads to your everything takes some patience and hard work. 

We can all help each other realize (and remember) that although we are all so similar, our differences truly do make us special. Embracing our uniqueness allows our true essence to be witnessed and expressed without filters.

The first step to anything is always key as it proves movement and is a measurable "thing." Different always due to perception and situation, but the first step is a must have for any further steps! Baby steps or giant steps, it doesn't matter. Just keep walking once you start! You will find balance as you move.

I believe the first step necessary for experiencing true freedom on Earth is also the scariest and most dangerous: Eliminating fear from the equation. Whatever else the current equation may contain, fear can not exist. Fear causes self doubt, potentially birthing many other harmful and negative thoughts. Recognizing and eliminating fear are both huge tasks, but both absolutely necessary for preemptively identifying potential unhealthy effects due to outside influences. 

When people start listening to the things you are sharing, permitted they are properly presented and for the right reasons, the resulting idea, thought, dream, action/reaction or reality cannot be stopped.

Each and every individual one of us is special, but sometimes we struggle to share or identify our individual purpose and gifts. Being actively engaged in the things we are "good at" allows an opportunity to share our talents and really decide if what we are doing with our time is the right thing. Shoot, is it one thing only? Everything is situational and relative to the individual, but for me, certain hours and days definitely exist on higher levels than others. Certain "times" do genuinely feel more authentic than others and this feeling tends to equate to a full rich and balanced life. Potentially one with lasting positive influences, strong connections and fond memories. These are the experiences I enjoy the most. Getting high from life and genuinely interacting with my surroundings.

How do we allow our own light to shine as bright as it should? What skills and words of wisdom might you posses that can assist others who may find themselves in even vaguely similar situations? What tools for general survival can be passed along? What tools for thriving and living fully while alive can be passed along? How can we help others' lights to get lit, stay lit and burn bright?

Why survive when I can thrive?

Everything has its purpose. Even the bad stuff. Disease, death, heartache, mental unrest, body image issues and everything else extreme and in between. Each 'thing's' purpose is as teacher of a life lesson using life as the example. Kind of like when Christians use the Bible to prove the existence of God, but instead I find proof of life in nature's beauty, ugliness, interdependence and continued evolution. All on Earth, whether a living being or inanimate object, is each a symbol and metaphor for something else. 

My basic tenet revolves around the fact we all have everything we need right in front of us at any given time. 

An example: There is a new camera on the market that always records when the lens is open and the software allows the user to go in after the fact and change, read: manipulate, the individual image as they chose. Lighting, focus, depth, utilize a particular frame, etc. Humans also posses this ability as our lens is also always open and recording. The actual cognitive retaining of information - recording- along with the subsequent  recollection allow us to revisit any prior memory and access any hidden bit of knowledge at any given time. When we revisit this powerful knowledge we are able to not only survive, but thrive, in any possible or imaginable circumstance.

Everything is a tool to allow for a true return to self. Everything. Fix inside before outside.

The things we already know continue to teach. All we shall read, all the people we will meet and all future conversations will teach us something. There are powerful messages everywhere and each shares the same theme: We are being guided back to ourselves, but to get there we must fully deconstruct and understand why our lives and experiences transpire as they do, and as they have. When we connect our own dots, the Universe will respond in kind.

Thanks for reading. It is a struggle to get comments shares and such. If you dig this, please share it!

Please contact me. I am very interested in talking and sharing with you. My email is on my profile page and I will answer all that say hello.

Sending you all positive energy and love.

Thanks for reading.


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