Sunday, August 4, 2013

Random List of Stuff I Could/Should Write About. Including Some Keys To Unlocking The Universe.

I count random things and have to force myself to stop.

Why do we continue to wreck our bodies knowing we are doing the harm?

Why CSV would be a cool band name.  I'll bet a rad logo is in there to.

A love poem, along with many fix it notes, to the delightful OSX. And perhaps a strongly worded letter of distaste to Microsoft in general.

Why clothes, hair, contacts, and a sport coat makes me a clown in a clown costume. Minus the red nose.

My Costume. Fooled ya.

None of this rose colored glasses shit.

Sacred geometry.

Water fluoridation and now fucking lithium? Fucking lithium? Irish Government Urged to Add Lithium To Drinking Water.

Just like journalism, you must get to the source to provide the truth.



Golden Ratio, Fibonacci Series, Design.


No coincidences.

Micro/macro & perspective being key to all. Situational.

We all know this same information. I found it within myself, not from the outside.

Everything is a manifestation of something else.

Big bang - start of one cycle, end of another, represented by oscilloscope waves.

Quantum physics.

Math and equations. Anything can be represented as an integer inside a math equation.

Reaction of all stimuli, whether it is conscious or not.

Tv programming. Media sending the wrong message.

All is vibration.

Any and all definitions with boundaries attached are purely the product of man - language, math, exercise routines, etc.

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