Sunday, May 5, 2013

You Are It. You Are Me and I Am You. Only Us. Only Now. Who Knows Where? Who Goes There? Who Knows? Here Goes.

"Love will set you free" -Every Verse of the Universe.

There is Truth right under your nose. Unabashedly it sits and patiently passes the days as you walk on by, over and over, but it waits only for you. 

Naked, pure, bared to the core, and in possession of all the answers you shall ever seek, it waits for you.

You are Love. I am Love. We need not make love to make love. 

Peace to you.


A positive sign of things to come.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Five Years Ago. Five Weeks Before Parole. I Had Some Thoughts.

Free Me! Free Me! Free Me! Free Me! Free Me! 

The journey has become a race
as all my belongings fall apart.
The first words I've spoken since this place
have stirred the hibernating voice;
I've lasted so long and waited my turn.

Each endless day falls into another
And still I've known it all, for sure, but
to even crack a smile is a bother.

Isolated from it all -even crowded rooms are empty.
My mind aches as the weeks became months, years.
Longing has replaced desperation and my eyes begin to see
that is was all inside, yearning for a new time.

Bring me to where I belong,
to where voices can only heal.
Bring me to where a sorrowful song
can silence my fears.

Does the place I need really exist outside of my mind?
Do the things I do mean anything to anyone but me?
Do you believe that I am anything but blind?
Doubtful, though I hope it can be.

Saying I'm sorry can ice only the shallowest of wounds.
Praying for luck in an empty gambling hall,
losing all for the quick fix of a junkie,
seeing everything fall far, far away.

Can five years really be as long as it seems?
Will the next five weeks bring any of an end?

My hair falls out and my clothes fall apart at the seams.
I'll call on myself and put me on the mend
but for once I know I'm better,
I am better and it's for real this time.
I've only said those words one thousand times before
but this once, I have conviction.

This journey is now a race
as I near my absolute wit's end.
People just pass me by, with a glance at my face.

Can you see it too?

Happy, content, insightful, proper.