Saturday, February 16, 2013

Wasted Energy On An Ignored Blog. Why? Acknowledgment. Affirmation. Confirmation.

I want you on my team. 

That is what this is all about -why I write these words. My team is the winning team and already is very strong, but we all need to be on this team. I can willingly claim this team as the sole, right, and just team, but only because it is the only team. Each of us is already a part of it, but some sit on the sidelines to watch. Watching, wondering, and passively waiting for a guiding and prompting force (a coach?) that never comes.

How lucky was I?
"Come as you are?" Is there such a place? 

When does the validation begin?

When do I matter?

When will someone else believe that 'I Rock?'

Should I have to defend my existence?

What are the steps to finding my place?

How do I apply/offer my individual skills, life experience, and strengths to the whole?

Why does the world need me?

Believe you are special, necessary, and perfect as you sit right now. I believe those things about you, about myself - all of us.

I recently found another blog that shares this perfect message of hope on a very regular basis. The blog is called "The Visionary Vibe" and Brittney has it right! She knows the power of giving love as positive reinforcement. She has funny posts reminding us of all we already know, simple words reflecting her needs, and allows adult words! Fuck yeah! It is refreshing to find someone else with such similar views who is also unafraid to share them with all. Rad.

Snake eating itself.
After reading some of her stuff, I signed on to follow her blog. I commented on a post and she then acknowledged me. A basic example of a positive cycle that needs both parts, yet feeds on itself to continue. 

Thanks Brittney. Keep up the great work. 

Life through Truth. 

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  1. I am here and hear your words. Truly thank you for being here with me on this journey. You are always heard.