Saturday, February 16, 2013

Wasted Energy On An Ignored Blog. Why? Acknowledgment. Affirmation. Confirmation.

I want you on my team. 

That is what this is all about -why I write these words. My team is the winning team and already is very strong, but we all need to be on this team. I can willingly claim this team as the sole, right, and just team, but only because it is the only team. Each of us is already a part of it, but some sit on the sidelines to watch. Watching, wondering, and passively waiting for a guiding and prompting force (a coach?) that never comes.

How lucky was I?
"Come as you are?" Is there such a place? 

When does the validation begin?

When do I matter?

When will someone else believe that 'I Rock?'

Should I have to defend my existence?

What are the steps to finding my place?

How do I apply/offer my individual skills, life experience, and strengths to the whole?

Why does the world need me?

Believe you are special, necessary, and perfect as you sit right now. I believe those things about you, about myself - all of us.

I recently found another blog that shares this perfect message of hope on a very regular basis. The blog is called "The Visionary Vibe" and Brittney has it right! She knows the power of giving love as positive reinforcement. She has funny posts reminding us of all we already know, simple words reflecting her needs, and allows adult words! Fuck yeah! It is refreshing to find someone else with such similar views who is also unafraid to share them with all. Rad.

Snake eating itself.
After reading some of her stuff, I signed on to follow her blog. I commented on a post and she then acknowledged me. A basic example of a positive cycle that needs both parts, yet feeds on itself to continue. 

Thanks Brittney. Keep up the great work. 

Life through Truth. 

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Superbowl? A National Holiday? Stop Traffic?

San Francisco is the most wonderful city I have visited yet. Some serious life stuff happened there as well, but I fell in love instantly.

Pride, 2012.

I will watch the Superbowl today. At least part of it. Back in the day, I would have been much more interested, but even my friend Silence breaks his own from time to time:

"So today is the SUPERBOWL. Now remember you're watching men in tights passing balls between their legs while bent over, n then a bunch of men jumping on each other , And its called Superbowl. We should just call it homo-erotic bowl. Not that there is anything wrong with being a homosexual. Just something for all you manly men who obsess over sports instead of being a real man n taking care of your family,. Lol. Just a thought. Enjoy the game

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  • Silence Mindless vegetables who praise there own manipulation. Compare football with the romans form of mass distraction, Gladiators. A tool to keep us focused on things that dont matter and divide our perceptions even more. America you are free to engage in your own brainwashed indoctrination. Eating cheese curls and ring dings, praising rapist football players and those great heroes who skin dogs and think violence is cool. Praise the american hero."

I think he is right on, but I do have a fondness for sport. Each season of each of the four "major" sports in the U.S., baseball, basketball, football and hockey (though hockey is losing out to soccer), has its moments. The Stanley Cup Finals create some of the best sports drama I have witnessed, but hockey has long been a favorite. When great teams really are "great!", they are exciting to watch. Watching the pure flow of the players' movements becomes intoxicating when those moves are constantly creating real and tangible drama. Glued to the seat for real.

The intricacies of the respective games are largely what kept me watching for years. Learning the rules of each sport and watching as the different coaches adapted still fascinates me. Baseball Tonight was a staple on my TV roster back when TV was a part of my life's roster. Nobody knows it, but Karl Ravech is the second coolest dude at ESPN besides John Buccigross. Ravech hosts a mean Baseball Tonight and is a great interviewer. He gets the facts, delves into deep analytical details, teaches the game, and truly seems to respect and love MLB. Buccigross hosted NHL 2Night (R.I.P) and was allowed to show his love for hockey. He knows the sport and is a funny dude.

Anyway, I enjoy the sport for entertainment. Just to kill a couple hours. The adverts are not for me anymore; they hurt my ears, eyes and soul. Too loud, too pushy, and feeding lies. A shame that part of the Superbowl's panache is the goddamned commercials.

Lies. Feeding us all lies. Keeping us away from whatever we should truly be doing. Ignore the pleadings of these companies. Watch the game and then turn the television off til the NHL Finals.

Take the under if you gotta do anything today. Defense will shine. Not sure about the points, but if you can get 3.5 with Baltimore, take that. Play 'em both with a "plus and under."


Because rape is a very serious topic, even the slightest sniff attracts attention. We'll see what type of engagement Silence gets from his ramblings above.

Professional sports are no different and due to the disgustingly high profile these athletes have been allowed to achieve, their names are first in the news. So, these following links are just to represent the fact that rape and professional sports do have a connection. How deep and why is a topic for another time.

NFL and Rape:

Lawrence Taylor ex-NFL player faces rape allegations

Wikipedia article on convictions of pro athletes.

Let's Go San Fran, Let's Go!!! Let's Go San Fran, Let's Go!!! Let's Go San Fran, Let's Go!!! Let's Go San Fran, Let's Go!!! Let's Go San Fran, Let's Go!!! Let's Go San Fran, Let's Go!!! Let's Go San Fran, Let's Go!!! Let's Go San Fran, Let's Go!!!

Looking For The Others

Where to start? Where are you? How do we connect? Where are the others? That is the question.

Golden Ratio/Perfection.


It is called many things. Unfortunately, we are compelled to dream up labels and fabricate definitions in our efforts to understand and explain its existence. The forced separations created through labeling and defining make it even more difficult to comprehend or explain, adding to the overall confusion. Fortunately, the nature of it all preexists inside each of us without need of formal title or precise meaning. We should easily recognize it in all we see, hear, imagine, or manifest.

Some may call it love, fondness, affection, devotion, oneness, エネルギー, unity, dharma, concordance, beauty, passion, purpose, perfection, god, kindness, reality, compassion, etc.; again, it doesn't matter the name. Its existence is ungoverned and continues eternally regardless of human involvement. Although it is very much alive, there is no need for water, food, oxygen, or sleep for it to continue on.

I call it Truth, because in the end, Truth is the only thing that can maintain a pure existence. Many of us have been shown the raw, unadulterated and perception-shifting forms of Truth, and I believe it is time for those with the knowledge to get energized.

The time to continue our collective radical shift in consciousness is here; is now. We all have the control and power to heal ourselves and everyone we may come in contact with. Our powers go far beyond what we are told to believe, and this false, yet collective and forced, oppression needs to stop.

For a good idea of what I am attempting to represent, please watch this video. I talk about the Catholic Church, television 'programming', water fluoridation, the pineal gland, sacred geometry, freedom and release from tyranny. These are but a few of the many dots that when connected, will unveil the ultimate answers to the ultimate questions.

I am reaching out across the country in an attempt to find other people who posses a certain awareness. You know who you are...You possess remarkable insights, convictions, and an understanding of the connections that tie everything together. You are free, have shed your ego and fully believe that 'One is Love.' The best part for me: I know that each of our 7 billion can gain this same knowledge and understanding because it is already inside, only needing to be reawakened and mined. We need a platform -and it is coming, but some TLC and additional input is necessary to allow a strong foundation to build upon.

If you are a believer, a light warrior, a yoga instructor, professor, underemployed, etc., or an awake, aware, and conscious being of any sort, please say hello. A network of advocators, actively advocating, is necessary for our continued survival as a species. We all have the power to do anything as the tools are right in front of us, but this power is hidden deep within us as our true potentials have been hindered from years of separation. This separation largely exists due to the majority's belief in the lies spread by government, the church, and both print and electronic media. HA! What a joke. People magazine is telling me I am fat and ugly, every week. There was a time I would have believed it too... We are all beautiful and perfect beings. End of story.

Everything is situational, so things may not ring as true to you as they do to me. I do know that beauty abounds and finding perfection is as simple as a mere refocusing of the eyes. A slight shift in perspective allows us to see auras, find inner beauty, control our energy, and realize that our physical bodies are nothing but shells that house our individual essence.

We need to stop standing in the line in which we are told to stand in and must continue to question the present state of affairs. People are dying and starving unnecessarily all over the world, including the USA, including your city, including your street. Poverty goes unnoticed, kids fail school and the prisons are overcrowded everywhere. Enough is enough.

I welcome any thoughts, comments, haters, lovers, suggestions etc. It would be amazing to connect with like-minded people and get this show on the road. I am without fear and will challenge authority in a peaceful yet firm way. There is no more time for being dormant. Awaken your inner light and find your place in this world. It is our collective mission to save each other. We have the power; it just needs to be recognized and harnessed.

Hope to hear from you soon. This seems like a decent enough place to start.

Thanks for reading.