Monday, January 7, 2013

Limits: When five minutes is all that exists.

No more over editing. Not everything has to be polished before presenting and goddamn it if I stop typing for more than three seconds it is all a waste.

If not for this physical time limit of five minutes, this entry would probably take hours to finish. My repeated failed attempts at channeling my thought flow as it is happening still mystify me. Every fucking thing does not have to be perfect to be presented. Enough with the thesaurus and searching for synonyms. This is my conscious flow.

With the limit and the realization that only this many words have manifested during the five minutes, I am led to believe that I am still....aaaaannnnd time is up.....

.....still censoring myself due to my perception of someone else's future possible perception of my word choice. Essentially nothing has happened, yet I am reacting as though it has.

Crazy huh?

1 comment:

  1. I do this haha like a good portion of my posts. But you know what. It's great when someone else can come along and read that and identify with that with the simple truth of being and living. Haha crazy indeed