Sunday, January 6, 2013

Horror Scope. A Capricorn hits the beginning and/or end of another liminal space.

How Could She Have Known?

A Silly Disclaimer: Please be familiar with the Forer Effect as you get into this. The link will take you to Wikipedia which elaborates on my simple explanatory paragraphs below.


Sometimes we see exactly what we choose to see. We see what we need to see in that instant or for that moment, perhaps. Situationally, we adapt our beliefs to allow a resonance where one may not naturally exist in the hopes of finding comfort. It is common enough. I do it and you do as well from time to time because blending in is a primal survival tactic deeply ingrained in us all. If I believe I cannot be seen, it becomes far easier to disappear and stay alive for one more day.

When a statement, represented here by my Bday clipping, is general (or kind) enough it becomes quite easy to see "myself" mirrored in the description. Although I may feel that I know my "self" better than anyone else may, who doesn't like feeling special and unique? Even if for a brief second while reading the horoscope, there is validation to be found when allowing a small amount of belief to be temporarily suspended. As everything cycles its way back to perception, we must remember that even a brief change in focus reveals previously hidden brilliance.

Grand Rapids Press newspaper clipping from January 2nd 1977.
Grand Rapids Press. Found in a box, saved from years ago.

Although this most recent birthday is already old news and was largely similar to prior years save the number - 36 - a few special things did manifest. Some familiar activities led to new discoveries. Unfamiliar days and odd, odd numbers finally added up to a tangible sum. Conversations lacking any pretense were enjoyed and explored. Bared naked as ever yet fully clothed. Paths crossed. Paths convened. A false path was briefly entertained even as my true path was once again lit brightly by the sun. I was alone. I was not alone. I attracted and repelled. I felt and saw hairs turning grey. Wrinkles formed and cracked my skin and I allowed it all to happen. I cried. I was always with me.

I finally slept and it was a deep, refreshing sleep. Fresh wrinkles and grays revealed themselves in the morning mirror as a proof and mockery of my aging. But with the new came an old. Something that wasn't noticeably present before has resurfaced and it will not fall into a state of disrepair anytime soon.

Carrying a constant reminder of truth allows for it to never fall away.

With the new year and my birthday being so close, I have always appreciated the metaphorical flip of the calendar. I can be fresh and new just like the year. Clean slates to go around! On the house, even...

Maybe I am just choosing comfort, but certain elements of the horoscope above manage to explain me quite accurately. One part describes a lesson I should have learned dozens of times over, as I continue to circle the answer without landing. A sentence or two could have seemingly been written by me, about me. Who knows?

Guy smiling with glasses and a blanket.
Older. Bolder. Warmer.
Coincidences are bullshit. True.

Lots of people like pizza. True.

So many people see themselves as sensitive and affectionate. True.

Tons of people react strongly and powerfully to situations. True.

Over 150,000 people were born on January 2nd, 1977. True.

I was one of them and I am not invisible. Fucking 'A.


Merry Easter.

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  1. Ahahahaa I feel a sense of self when I read your words ! Namaste to you my friend. I read your blog post where you mentioned me and was truly inspired . To have someone reach out and appreciate what I do.