Tuesday, January 29, 2013

First Publish? Paid To Get Published? Probably. A Poem From 1998.

Found this gem in a box my parents gave me. Forgot this was around for years and years, but is interesting to see it again. Pretty sure my getting published involved buying a copy of this book for $40. The poem is more cringe-worthy than print-worthy; likely pay-to-play was the culprit.

This tome, filled with numerous masterpieces other than mine, is actually available for borrowing and downloading. Thirteen people so far have maybe read my words. About on par with all my blog posts here. Ha!

Here is my entry as written. Please forgive the grammar and such...


"My Way of Seeing"

A Sneaky Name by Sneaky Snakes.
On the wings of a breeze, heart laden with sorrow,
lives fall like leaves come the morrow.
Bracing myself for the pain that I fear,
which is destined to come this time of year.
The time of year when all things will change,
the time my future will be rearranged.

Forced surrounding change my being.
Changes the world by my way of seeing.
Changes my friends, and all which I love.
Changes the peace that rains from above.
Changes my dreams and all that I hold
close to my heart that slowly grows cold.
Changes my face, or so I've been told,
bringing no wisdom, though I seem to grow old.


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