Thursday, June 20, 2013

Published Articles, Links and YouTube videos As A Resume Of Sorts.

I remain in an embryonic state. The words flow, yet I am but a developing fetus suspended in an alphabet pool. 

Cigarettes, ginger ale, boston baked bean crumbs, a pen, yellow lined paper.
Tools of the trade. 

Rapid Growth Media

"Home Health to Public Health"11/29/2012
Explaining the link between a healthy home life and overall pubic health. Turns out it's totally true!

"Grand Rapids Bicycle Company and Trailhead Cafe" 08/02/2012
A new store opened by local businessman Tom Smith and his family. Has since expanded to East Grand Rapids.

The Good Men Project

"Everything in Prison is 'Gay' - On Language and Intolerance" 01/30/2013
"All along I knew what I was doing was wrong, and therein still lies the problem. "

Many years spent in the Michigan Department of Corrections forced empathy from my mind. My confusion manifested and turned me into a bigot- hating myself as well. Getting your physical body released from confinement does not equal freedom.

The Rapidian - Articles & Photos

"PechaKucha to Visit Stella's on Devil's Night10/24/2012
PechaKucha Night was devised in Tokyo in 2003 as an event for young designers to meet, network and show their work in public. It has turned into a massive celebration with events happening all over the world. Drawing its name from the Japanese term for "chit chat", it rests on a presentation format based on a simple idea: 20 images x 20 seconds. My PechaKucha presentation from Devil's Night can be seen here, or you can click the photo's caption.

Click Here for the Video!

The Rapidian continued...
The Stimuli Don't Lie.
"Manasseh Project educates community on local human trafficking" 10/03/2012 
Are people disappearing from the streets of Grand Rapids? >>>

"Eastown Street Fair celebrates diverse, quality community offerings" 09/25/2012
The 39th annual event delivered great live music, amazing food and unique wares, all adding to an already fantastic day in the sun.

"The People's Crisis documentary outlines horrors of North Korean government" 04/10/2012
Liberty in North Korea (LiNK) travels the country spreading the word about political and religious persecution in North Korea. Hosted by Mutually Human in Grand Rapids.

"La Soga Screens at Third Annual Latin American Film Festival04/09/2012
Manny Perez, actor, screenwriter and director visits Wealthy Theatre in Grand Rapids.

"Senseless Killing of Trayvon Martin Resonates in Grand Rapids04/04/2012
When Martin was killed on Feb. 26th, the country cried out. Local residents marched and gathered at Rosa Parks Circle

Until Love is Equal pin on an abandoned scarf.
Until Love is Equal

Photos published on The Rapidian:

Flower of Life 10/13/2012
Abandoned Yet True 08/26/2012   >>>>
West Michigan Pride 06/21/2011
Backyard 01/25/11
Brick throwers in Eastown 01/21/11

The Rapidian was launched in September 2009 by Grand Rapids Community Media Center and grants from the Grand Rapids Community Foundation, Amway and other local businesses. A self-proclaimed "hyper-local news source," The Rapidian's content largely comes from 'citizen journalists' who are matched with a mentor after getting a bit of training. The Rapidian accepts unsolicited articles from anyone, as long as they habe gone through the small bit of training necessary. Pretty darn cool.

Get Lusty For Couples

Yummy yummy, or gross in your Tummy?

Are you wasting your semen? Shame on you! Lol. Suggestions for alternate use, and a little bit about the Cold War. Semen and spies!

"Location, location, location. How about affiliation?" 08/22/2012
Sometimes it is all about location. How do your local team's affect where you live?

"Chicago by the numbers. You gotta love this place..." 09/27/2012
City details, population info and other numerical facts about the wonderful city of Chicago.

"Why great sex revitalizes our sex drive and leaves us wanting more" 03/22/2012
Don't we love the feeling in the lower part of our bodies that lingers the next day after amazing sex? The almost necessary desire for more, like NOW please?

Vampire sexy lips bloody.
Seductive, no?

Although there can be a taboo associated with writing about sex, I believe exploration results in healthy discussion. 

Breaking down barriers one sexy word at a time. 

Shedding shame and guilt equals freedom of expression and allows for an enjoyment of some very fun times. Open discussion helps feed the give and lessens the take.

A Random Few YouTube Videos:

#1. Free Health Care! Sacred Geometry. Fluoride. Answers. Devil's Night 2012. PechaKucha, Grand Rapids.


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