Friday, August 31, 2012

The Next Step. Observe, Absorb, Manifest #2. Grand Rapids Consciousness Revolution!

All right, GirbeI'm ready for my close-up.

On Friday September 14, I am taking a leap. Without a formal education and leaning heavily on life experience, I am being filmed giving a presentation I have been working on for a little bit. The long term goal of this DVD is to act as my professional introduction to the world. I will speak largely on Love, the fostering of individual gifts, the rewards of deep (and dark) looks inward, the rewards of asking questions and how to tie it all in to your personal individual situation. It begins with an explanation of me, I suggest a few things to think about and then introduce three keys I have identified as being the ultimate tools in finding ourselves.

My attempt at a practice can be found in the original Observe, Absorb, Manifest post and no, it is actually not a video of me tweaking.

Art by Silence.

It is titled and subtitled: "What Are You Doing To You?" sub: "The Art of Finding Your Place".

Finally though, I have set a date and made arrangements to be filmed. A couple friends I trust recommended a guy. The guy turned out to be Girbe Eefsting and our connection has already turned into a rewarding pairing. Girbe owns Film Farm in downtown Grand Rapids and has some great stories to tell. He is fond of quotes and has some great ones to pull up at any given time. It seems to be a good match as he has great vision, has over 35+ years of experience and very nice video/audio equipment and gadgets. I am looking very forward to working with him.

We sat and talked a few times and went through some strategy. I think we have it close to figured out. Now it rests largely on me to be prepared to entertain the small audience we will have during the taping. I mean, this is not as serious as I am probably making it, but for me, for right now, it is everything. Many hours have gone into this presentation with many more to come. Essentially, it is me talking over a PowerPoint, so nothing too novel there, but it is the message that should excite. Not me, not my images, not my voice or face, but the essences. The ideas. The faith and hope and love that exist wherever we may give our attention.

It helps to have a hard deadline and confirmed guests. Those very positive motivators could result in a stress, I understand. Luckily, I appreciate and view concrete dates and events as battle markers while we fight the war.

The amazing Wealthy Theatre is the backdrop for the filming. Even though all the spaces in the facility are beautiful, I am not ready for the 400 seat auditorium, massive stage and hot lights.

I love this place!
A smaller picture even.

So, I opted for the slightly less intimidating meeting room they have upstairs. A perfect space indeed.

Anyway, I believe in this endeavor completely and know it will be a positive event. This is a big step for me and I relish the opportunity. Also due to the fact that I am 100% confident in my message, I have been able to apply my own lessons to my own situation. If nothing else, that allows me to give real life examples of what I am representing, adding an additional level of truth to the equation.

This is the Manifest resulting from my Observing and Absorbing!

Exciting indeed!

More to come as I prepare, get ready to shave and put on a decent set of clothes for twice in my life.

Thanks for reading.


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