Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Creating and Expressing Free Will in a World of Perceived Evil. Are We Born into Sin?

The creation of, expression of and honoring of Free Will must be fostered at any given opportunity.

That truth does not leave us without responsibility as we utilize our tools in our day-to-day survival.  The freedom to do what you desire and to live your life free of constraints does not come lightly.  We must share our stories of survival and assist others in achieving their own enlightened state.  There may become an overwhelming need to share, but it can be done.  If we are not overzealous and can present the message appropriately, people will listen.  This is an exciting prospect.  When people start listening to the things you are sharing, permitted they are honest and pure, the resulting idea, thought, dream, action/reaction or state of reality just cannot be stopped.

Life begets life. 

Our existence allows other existence.  That truth should lead us to the realization of our own omnipotence. Because people show their love and teach with openness while fostering an environment geared towards self-discovery, the resulting manifestations are pure and absent of all evil. 

I was taught early on-and recently reminded- that we are all 


Q: Does sin transmit through amniotic fluid? 

A: Yes, and we assume mom is a sinner, of course.  It might be the rare, but dreaded, Delayed Onset Sin (DOS), where mom's sins are infused into her breast milk and then passed to the infant.

Q: Is it in the baby’s DNA?  

A: Yes. Assuming the dominant sin gene shows its traits.

Q: Is sin a learned behavior?  

A: Yes, and this one's true if we assume parents spend anytime, at all, ever, with their children, whatsoever.  

Sin can be loosely defined as a moral evil.  What is moral?  What is evil?  But sin, any definition of sin, does not show itself at birth because it can not.  Firstly, it must be allowed to exist and acknowledged. Secondly, with no grasp of a possibility that anything exists outside of immediate need, the child is unable to recognize the existence of the power of influence or understand how its own action/reaction will affect others.  This can very easily be translated to the adult world as we allow ourselves a bit of space away from pressures and opinions. 

We all know that children learn from us.  Monkey see monkey do.  There are 'formative years' and some education and training is necessary. Yet if we foster hope, love, faith and trust while encouraging self seeking, there is no way for sin to snake its way in.

The only actual sins here are the ones being committed against the child.  The family’s religious and spiritual life will probably include bringing the child to masses or ceremonies.  There may be ceremonies involving the child that they of course have no say in whatsoever. There will be imposing of society’s opinions as truths and the continued force-feeding of historical nonsense through education.  Not allowing questioning and since misery truly does love company, people will hope you don’t 'find yourself out there.' 

Parents don't want their children to falter or have a tough life like they feel they had, so they protect and coddle and hope their child will be perceived as normal and have a normal life.


Allow mistakes from everyone.  We are beautiful no matter the physical being.  Encourage honesty by being honest.  Teach and learn through example. Answer questions with real words.

I do not have children, but I was one for about thirty years.  My self seeking came later in life and I question things now more than ever.  I am unconcerned with sin or any variation as I do not let that mindset anywhere near my head or heart or soul.  I follow my free will and so should you.  There is no need to worry about judgement, no need to worry about pressures.  Give love, get love, be love.

Those poor kids...

Thanks for reading.



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