Thursday, July 19, 2012

What Goes In Must Come Out #1.


Everything is a metaphor.  Anything we ever come across can teach us something, but we need to allow it to happen.  Although people, situations and opportunities are dropped in front of us as they should be - which places everything just beyond our immediate control - in the end we decide how those interactions affect us.  

I have been in Fort Wayne, Indiana for 6 days working the Three Rivers Festival with Rob Schmidt, owner of Hot Wisconsin Cheese.  HWC is a part of Rob's mobile concessions business and this particular trailer will be in Fort Wayne through Saturday, July 21.  After that we'll head closer to Berne, IN and find some local fairs to work.  In the meantime we are rocking the cheese at 3RF and working some long days.

Constipation capitol USA.

In most areas, I was able to prepare myself for a month on the road.  The biggest challenge I believed I'd face would be eating healthy and sticking to my staples.  I had been doing very well before I left, only ingesting fiber cereal, fruit, almonds, tuna, brown rice, chicken and this delicious combination, but was not sure how conducive a month away from my current home would be to my pledge of conscious eating. It has been a challenge indeed...

Working seventy-seven hours over the course of 5 days, was taxing in and of itself.  Being on my feet all day, in a smallish, yet comfortable trailer, filled with grease and cheese does on top of that does not rhyme with overall health.  Already I could feel my skin getting greasy and my pores were getting clogged.  One bonus: my new haircut did not require any product due to the built in grease that permeates everything.  

On Thursday the 12th I was in Chicago and, of course, had deep dish pizza covered with a ton of cheese.  Not a great start to the adventure.  My body was already flipped a bit as it (I) knew there would be a dramatic schedule change which would affect my overall balance.  While working in the trailer, it became freakishly easy to pop a few pieces of deep fried cheese in my mouth every once and a while.  I was still adjusting to the substantial lifestyle flip and also was not drinking enough water.  This went on for 3 full days and as you can imagine, the food offerings at fairs are not of the highest quality and they are expensive.  Ridiculously so actually.  Please watch this tour of Junk Food Alley from the Three Rivers Festival to see just how atrocious the offerings are...

My body has struggled mightily to process the change in lifestyle.  With that challenge and resulting rebalancing, the subsequent lessons have given me more insight as to how everything we take in, whether it be food, drink, information, air, words, etc., all play very integral roles in defining our personal evolution.

So there's the back story, I'll tie it all together in the next post.  It has been another long day and I need rest.

Thanks for reading.


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