Sunday, July 8, 2012

Quick Visits and Undivided Attention.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind.

I am very fortunate to recognize that people love me. My brother and his family, along with my very good friend Sara all live in Portland, OR and happen to all be in my current city of Grand Rapids at the same time. Although both visits will be short, I am blessed to have those few minutes to enjoy and rekindle our connections. After all, Sara and I did take some weird pictures together. We wound up in a rural Michigan basement studio and the resulting images are, um, interesting to say the least. I was as inexperienced as a model as the photographer was new to photography. Nonetheless, we did it and it was a great time. Another feather in our collective hat. But really though...take off my shirt in the snow? Sure. We had fun and it was a meaningful moment for both of us. It was real, and therefore had meaning to us both individually and collectively. One more memory and experience that no one can take away or ever alter.

A cold day in Hastings.
I see it too.

Lovely ladies.
The Girls.

There is something special about being in the same physical space as someone we hold dear to us. The ability to touch and make eye contact is very uplifting. Along with that, we are able to share our energy and feed each other's souls. We can empower them through engaging conversation and through listening while giving them the undivided attention we all deserve and crave. By virtue of open and honest communication while allowing ourselves to flow together and through each other, the resulting manifestations, no matter how they show themselves, are all beautiful and meaningful occurrences.  

Imagine sitting outside at a coffee shop minding your own business and someone very unexpectedly comes walking around the corner. You look up, not sure whether you can believe your eyes. Your breath is short, all thoughts exit your mind. Tunnel vision ensues and all you actually see is the light and beauty your unexpected guest emanates from their arresting essence. Although you may not be fully prepared to see them, there they are. You quickly gather your wits, get up, embrace and decide you never want that moment to end. Luckily, your memory will serve you well as you go forward after the encounter has ended. There never really is a resolution to a connection, if you are fortunate and aware, it can go on forever.

The "out of sight, out of mind" mentality has plagued me for many years. I have been on both sides of the equation and it has cost me many lost relationships. I now believe every interaction is precious and necessary. This belief and subsequent practice allows me to lose myself in any given moment and relish the time, no matter how short. Connections are powerful things. Although I appreciate being physically together with a friend or loved one, I now can appreciate emails, texts and phone calls as methods of staying hand in hand when not actually side by side. A quick note or a quick call can be as energizing as we allow it to be. This strikes me for a couple reasons:

1. The person is taking time out of their day to acknowledge me. Probably something triggered a pleasant memory of a time we spent together. Again, even a quick note lets me know I am important, being thought of and probably missed. All reflections of the ultimate high: Love.

2. The interaction has the power to lift me out of any rut, but again, only if I allow it to do so. Enter a room in a negative state of mind and the contact takes it all away. It is similar to the metaphor of walking into a dark room with a candle or other source of light, instantly removing the darkness.

In the end, everything matters. All we see, all we do and everyone we meet.  

There are no coincidences.  

Although this has been stated by many before me, it is true. When we are able to wake up to that and accept the fact that people are placed in our path as they should be, our connections will never be lost.  We will yearn for time with our friends, family and other loved ones. Something exists that rhymes and connects us continuously bringing us back. I am finding it. Help me continue and I will help you.  New connections are always here, we just need to open our eyes and awaken our souls to the possibilities.

Thanks for reading.


Each and every moment is special in its own right. Appreciate and enjoy them all. Some may be fleeting, yet each leaves a valuable impression that can be drawn on in the future.


A few more pictures....And yes, I (we) also realize they are ridiculous.

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