Sunday, July 15, 2012

Hot Wisconsin Cheese, Deep Fried Twinkies and the Sears Tower.


Hot Wisconsin Cheese

43 pounds of Wisconsin Cheddar.

Wow, I am tired!

This is going to be a quick one as it is late and I really need sleep.  After surviving Friday the 13th, and subsequently the lesser talked about but equally as dangerous, Saturday the 14th, I finally have a few seconds.  After two 17 hour work days, I will be able to sleep in a small little baby-bit on Sunday. 

I am on the road for a month with Rob Schmidt and his wife Gladys.  Rob owns Hot Wisconsin Cheese, a mobile concessions company that travels the USA and deep-fries cheese.  Cheddar, jalapeno white, mozzarella, swiss and Philadelphia cream cheese.  Mainly doing fairs, but also ethnic festivals and other such type things.  Our crew consists Rob, Gladys, myself and a few locals to Fort Wayne: Teah, Logan, A.J., Heather, and Clair.

We have been working very hard and standing a lot.  Tough work, but honest and pretty fun.  Lots of people out and about; most seem pretty happy.

Currently we are at the Three Rivers Festival in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  The fair started Friday the 13th and runs through July 21st.  There are a couple options for places to go after this has ended, as Rob owns multiple trucks, but Fort Wayne's Pridefest!! (Holy Shit, I know), is soon, so I may try to stay close.  Its all good either way as I am enjoying myself quite a bit, but I am open...

Here are a few videos to get you up to speed as to my last few days.  I'll write more soon, but have had only a few brief hours sleep the last few nights and wanted to get this out.

FYI, for a laugh, find Hot Wisconsin Cheese on Urban Dictionary.  Sorry, no link from me, but use your (adult) imagination or Google it...

First up, my very enjoyable few hours in Chicago.  A city that is very quickly growing on me.

Next up, a vid about cheese and sleeping in the park. Also, riding the Greyhound anywhere is HORRIBLE!

Bruce in the USA.  Not great.  Even has a fake ass Clarence Clemons.

So much cheese.  I can't believe how much we go through.

Tour of junk food alley and some jokes.

Ok, I need to sleep.  I send you all positive energy and healing thoughts.

Thanks for reading.


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