Sunday, July 22, 2012

Some Pics of Hot Wisconsin Cheese and Rob Schmidt.

From Fort Wayne Indiana at Three Rivers Festival.  Allen county.

Sponsored by Sweetwater and Vera Wang(?)

Yoga in the parking lot.

Rob Schmidt of Hot Wisconsin Cheese at the helm.

Deep fried mozzarella fingers.  Rob claims to have invented them.

Fat baby.

Getting dark on Saturday, the final day.

Busy at the cheese place!

See ya next year.

It was fun!  We are done!

Peace and love.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

What Goes In Must Come Out #1.


Everything is a metaphor.  Anything we ever come across can teach us something, but we need to allow it to happen.  Although people, situations and opportunities are dropped in front of us as they should be - which places everything just beyond our immediate control - in the end we decide how those interactions affect us.  

I have been in Fort Wayne, Indiana for 6 days working the Three Rivers Festival with Rob Schmidt, owner of Hot Wisconsin Cheese.  HWC is a part of Rob's mobile concessions business and this particular trailer will be in Fort Wayne through Saturday, July 21.  After that we'll head closer to Berne, IN and find some local fairs to work.  In the meantime we are rocking the cheese at 3RF and working some long days.

Constipation capitol USA.

In most areas, I was able to prepare myself for a month on the road.  The biggest challenge I believed I'd face would be eating healthy and sticking to my staples.  I had been doing very well before I left, only ingesting fiber cereal, fruit, almonds, tuna, brown rice, chicken and this delicious combination, but was not sure how conducive a month away from my current home would be to my pledge of conscious eating. It has been a challenge indeed...

Working seventy-seven hours over the course of 5 days, was taxing in and of itself.  Being on my feet all day, in a smallish, yet comfortable trailer, filled with grease and cheese does on top of that does not rhyme with overall health.  Already I could feel my skin getting greasy and my pores were getting clogged.  One bonus: my new haircut did not require any product due to the built in grease that permeates everything.  

On Thursday the 12th I was in Chicago and, of course, had deep dish pizza covered with a ton of cheese.  Not a great start to the adventure.  My body was already flipped a bit as it (I) knew there would be a dramatic schedule change which would affect my overall balance.  While working in the trailer, it became freakishly easy to pop a few pieces of deep fried cheese in my mouth every once and a while.  I was still adjusting to the substantial lifestyle flip and also was not drinking enough water.  This went on for 3 full days and as you can imagine, the food offerings at fairs are not of the highest quality and they are expensive.  Ridiculously so actually.  Please watch this tour of Junk Food Alley from the Three Rivers Festival to see just how atrocious the offerings are...

My body has struggled mightily to process the change in lifestyle.  With that challenge and resulting rebalancing, the subsequent lessons have given me more insight as to how everything we take in, whether it be food, drink, information, air, words, etc., all play very integral roles in defining our personal evolution.

So there's the back story, I'll tie it all together in the next post.  It has been another long day and I need rest.

Thanks for reading.


Sunday, July 15, 2012

Hot Wisconsin Cheese, Deep Fried Twinkies and the Sears Tower.


Hot Wisconsin Cheese

43 pounds of Wisconsin Cheddar.

Wow, I am tired!

This is going to be a quick one as it is late and I really need sleep.  After surviving Friday the 13th, and subsequently the lesser talked about but equally as dangerous, Saturday the 14th, I finally have a few seconds.  After two 17 hour work days, I will be able to sleep in a small little baby-bit on Sunday. 

I am on the road for a month with Rob Schmidt and his wife Gladys.  Rob owns Hot Wisconsin Cheese, a mobile concessions company that travels the USA and deep-fries cheese.  Cheddar, jalapeno white, mozzarella, swiss and Philadelphia cream cheese.  Mainly doing fairs, but also ethnic festivals and other such type things.  Our crew consists Rob, Gladys, myself and a few locals to Fort Wayne: Teah, Logan, A.J., Heather, and Clair.

We have been working very hard and standing a lot.  Tough work, but honest and pretty fun.  Lots of people out and about; most seem pretty happy.

Currently we are at the Three Rivers Festival in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  The fair started Friday the 13th and runs through July 21st.  There are a couple options for places to go after this has ended, as Rob owns multiple trucks, but Fort Wayne's Pridefest!! (Holy Shit, I know), is soon, so I may try to stay close.  Its all good either way as I am enjoying myself quite a bit, but I am open...

Here are a few videos to get you up to speed as to my last few days.  I'll write more soon, but have had only a few brief hours sleep the last few nights and wanted to get this out.

FYI, for a laugh, find Hot Wisconsin Cheese on Urban Dictionary.  Sorry, no link from me, but use your (adult) imagination or Google it...

First up, my very enjoyable few hours in Chicago.  A city that is very quickly growing on me.

Next up, a vid about cheese and sleeping in the park. Also, riding the Greyhound anywhere is HORRIBLE!

Bruce in the USA.  Not great.  Even has a fake ass Clarence Clemons.

So much cheese.  I can't believe how much we go through.

Tour of junk food alley and some jokes.

Ok, I need to sleep.  I send you all positive energy and healing thoughts.

Thanks for reading.


Thursday, July 12, 2012

On The Road Again

On the bus, off the bus.

Due to Greyhound somehow being able to offer Wi-Fi, I edited and uploaded a quick video.  I was a bit surprised that Wi-Fi is available, let alone free.  Pretty rad.

More to come.  For now, just getting ready to hit Chicago and stretch my legs.  Internet does come in handy sometimes.

Fun Indeed!

A month's worth of stuff.
Rollin' in.

It's official.

Such a majestic town
Right on, it's all right there!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Midwest Travels, Deep Fried Cheese and State Fairs.

My Month on the Road.

On Thursday July 12, I am getting on a Greyhound bus headed (eventually) to Fort Wayne, Indiana. Leaving from Grand Rapids, Michigan, the bus first goes to Chicago with a couple hours layover there, and finally arriving in Fort Wayne at 3:50 am on Friday.  The purpose of my travels are two-fold:

F'ing Adventure!
Raising capital for my life's calling.  

That mission is described in a bit more detail in the video below.  Please excuse the poor quality, but I had to get something out there to get this started.

It makes sense if you allow it to.

I digress...

Through the absolute power of Craigslist, I found a(nother) unique opportunity to travel and make some cash. Knowing that money is the only thing that slows my true vocation's evolution, this is a great opportunity to save.  Working long days is something I have not done in a while, as I have been enjoying assembling my thoughts, exploring different life options and not allowing my past to rule my present.  So there is some pent up energy in me that should bode well for Mr. Rob and his cheese business.
I will fry and sell these, but will not eat!
As far as I know, we will be travelling the Midwest, setting up our concessions at State and local fairs and slinging some deep fried cheese sticks.  The money is good, the days will be hot and long, and I suspect the people will be engaging and entertaining.  There will be many new connections made, thoughts shared and knowledge gained.  My mind will be occupied and I'll be able to visit places I have never seen before.  Pretty exciting stuff indeed.

With my absolute refusal to be stuck behind a desk, work a traditional job or allow myself to be unhappy professionally in any way, I believe these next thirty days will be uplifting, positive and enjoyable.  Of course, the attitude I choose to adopt each morning (or at any given moment!) will go a long way in determining my overall "success".  Currently my mind is in a suspiciously good place as I have been re-energized through some visits from important people in my life (please see my previous post).  I am quite content taking on any challenges that come my way while cheesing it up across the Midwest.  I will be starting in Indiana and finishing off at the Wisconsin State Fair, running from August 2 until August 12.  I may come back to Grand Rapids after that, but we shall see...

Regardless of how this all goes down, I will be documenting it and sharing through this blog and emails.  I will be taking and sharing video and pictures as well.  If you would like to be included on my email list, please contact me directly through my profile page.

Send me positive energy and thoughts!  I know I will receive them and they will assist in making this journey a positive and exciting one.  

More to come.

Thanks for reading.


Tuesday, July 10, 2012

San Francisco, Pride Parade 2012 and Unique Beauty.

I Love This City!

Although I had always wanted to visit San Francisco, it was only last November when I first had a chance to explore. Driving through SF while on my way to Portland, I was immediately struck by the amazing visuals the city has to offer. Having only seen San Francisco represented in pictures and film, I was unprepared for the majesty.  Driving in at night was a treat, but seeing the city in its full glory under the beautiful but chilly sun, I instantly knew this was my kind of town.  It is so amazing to see the beautiful people every place I wander to!  
With the brilliant architecture and very friendly folks everywhere, I definitely felt the differences between SF and all other cities I have been to. The diversity is stunning and reminded me that everyone is neither caucasian nor straight.  Thank the stars!  This is not the Midwest to say the least.

I wound up back there for five weeks or so in the spring and was ready to stay.  Although it is an expensive city to live in, as the Wall Street Journal explains and the rents reflect, I was going to do all I could to stay. Being the fortunate soul I am, my friend offered to put me up while I figured some stuff out.

This guy is my dude.  We have known each other for 20+ years and have stayed in pretty good contact despite us both living in different cities.  His name is Randy and he goes by the name Silence.  He is an artist, DJ and all around conscious being.  If you are interested in hearing his music please visit his Soundcloud page.  If you are digging the Plant Good Seeds shirt, please visit Awear Yoga and say hello to Jill Fox.

Randy's awareness of truth has allowed me to find my own way.  Needless to say, we get along great and have managed to develop the most honest friendship I have ever been a part of.  

There is an epic back story here that I will share in the future, but I eventually decided I needed to get back to my hometown of Grand Rapids, Michigan.  I hung out there for a few months, longing of a return to SF.  A couple weeks ago I was given the opportunity to go back and the city did not disappoint.

Visiting Randy as before, I learned I would be in town for Pride week.  I explored, watched the parade and saw some stunning sites.  Please visit my Flikr page for more photos, but here a few...

Drag beauty.

Jesus Christ?

BDSM. Gotta love it.

8th and Market.

Don't you ever forget it!

The not so lovely Park Merced.

Giants sweep the Dodgers.

Willie Mays statue.

San Francisco Bay.

Bay Bridge.

Towering above.

Downtown bocci!

I left a few days too early!

Thanks for reading.


Sunday, July 8, 2012

Quick Visits and Undivided Attention.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind.

I am very fortunate to recognize that people love me. My brother and his family, along with my very good friend Sara all live in Portland, OR and happen to all be in my current city of Grand Rapids at the same time. Although both visits will be short, I am blessed to have those few minutes to enjoy and rekindle our connections. After all, Sara and I did take some weird pictures together. We wound up in a rural Michigan basement studio and the resulting images are, um, interesting to say the least. I was as inexperienced as a model as the photographer was new to photography. Nonetheless, we did it and it was a great time. Another feather in our collective hat. But really though...take off my shirt in the snow? Sure. We had fun and it was a meaningful moment for both of us. It was real, and therefore had meaning to us both individually and collectively. One more memory and experience that no one can take away or ever alter.

A cold day in Hastings.
I see it too.

Lovely ladies.
The Girls.

There is something special about being in the same physical space as someone we hold dear to us. The ability to touch and make eye contact is very uplifting. Along with that, we are able to share our energy and feed each other's souls. We can empower them through engaging conversation and through listening while giving them the undivided attention we all deserve and crave. By virtue of open and honest communication while allowing ourselves to flow together and through each other, the resulting manifestations, no matter how they show themselves, are all beautiful and meaningful occurrences.  

Imagine sitting outside at a coffee shop minding your own business and someone very unexpectedly comes walking around the corner. You look up, not sure whether you can believe your eyes. Your breath is short, all thoughts exit your mind. Tunnel vision ensues and all you actually see is the light and beauty your unexpected guest emanates from their arresting essence. Although you may not be fully prepared to see them, there they are. You quickly gather your wits, get up, embrace and decide you never want that moment to end. Luckily, your memory will serve you well as you go forward after the encounter has ended. There never really is a resolution to a connection, if you are fortunate and aware, it can go on forever.

The "out of sight, out of mind" mentality has plagued me for many years. I have been on both sides of the equation and it has cost me many lost relationships. I now believe every interaction is precious and necessary. This belief and subsequent practice allows me to lose myself in any given moment and relish the time, no matter how short. Connections are powerful things. Although I appreciate being physically together with a friend or loved one, I now can appreciate emails, texts and phone calls as methods of staying hand in hand when not actually side by side. A quick note or a quick call can be as energizing as we allow it to be. This strikes me for a couple reasons:

1. The person is taking time out of their day to acknowledge me. Probably something triggered a pleasant memory of a time we spent together. Again, even a quick note lets me know I am important, being thought of and probably missed. All reflections of the ultimate high: Love.

2. The interaction has the power to lift me out of any rut, but again, only if I allow it to do so. Enter a room in a negative state of mind and the contact takes it all away. It is similar to the metaphor of walking into a dark room with a candle or other source of light, instantly removing the darkness.

In the end, everything matters. All we see, all we do and everyone we meet.  

There are no coincidences.  

Although this has been stated by many before me, it is true. When we are able to wake up to that and accept the fact that people are placed in our path as they should be, our connections will never be lost.  We will yearn for time with our friends, family and other loved ones. Something exists that rhymes and connects us continuously bringing us back. I am finding it. Help me continue and I will help you.  New connections are always here, we just need to open our eyes and awaken our souls to the possibilities.

Thanks for reading.


Each and every moment is special in its own right. Appreciate and enjoy them all. Some may be fleeting, yet each leaves a valuable impression that can be drawn on in the future.


A few more pictures....And yes, I (we) also realize they are ridiculous.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Observe, Absorb, Manifest.

I have seen this.  Have you?

Allow yourself to be free.  It is possible to ascend, to achieve perfection while still on Earth.  Death is not the end, it is only the beginning, but to get there we first need to survive here.

I can help.  I can assist you in finding your gifts and using them to achieve what most people will never find.

Please watch this video and respond.  Share it with your friends.  Tell me what you think.

This is my life's journey and I have only recently realized my true purpose, my Everything.  I can help you find yours as well but we have to do it together.  It's the only way anything ever actually works.  I am not alone; you are not alone.

We are all one.