Monday, June 11, 2012

Quick Cash is Everywhere. Use Your Tools.

Radix Malorum est Cupiditas

Cash is king and is a necessary part of existence. Although that is disappointing to admit, money gets us stuff and sometimes we need stuff. The specific stuff is a tool that is currently necessary to sustain us. Whether that length of time is five minutes or three days is irrelevant. We need something and where there is a will...

Having recently moved back to my hometown of Grand Rapids, Michigan and not having a job, it was time to hit the streets. After sitting in an empty apartment contemplating the fact that I was a few dollars away from being broke, I walked outside. Running into some friends who own and direct Super Happy Funtime Burlesque, I was offered an interesting gig as a bus driver and sound engineer for a few Midwest shows. I accepted and was off to learn how to drive a school bus. This was an absolute blast as were all the shows. I soon learned I would be performing as well, complete with sperm costume , silly string and golden penises. Through it all there was much knowledge gained and new connections made. The interactions were stimulating and the energy levels were visible and fulfilling.

Some shots from the couple weekends I was with the troupe...

Look around you. Talk to people. You will find opportunities but you have to get people to listen. When they do, you must be ready with a plan, have the right things to say and be able to back it all up. Talk up your skills but be ready to walk the walk when it comes to job time.

Each day be on Craigslist, Monster, LinkedIn and all the job sites you can find. There are always opportunities (among other things if talking about Craigslist) waiting to be picked up. Have resumes ready to be sent digitally and FOLLOW UP! Don't be afraid to ask people for ideas. The more people see you and get to know your name and face, the more likely they will ask for your assistance.

My hustlin' from the last two and a half months...

Scraped paint for a week.
Moved furniture and set up a garage sale.
Stage Manager at Trip The Light 2012.
Ran Box Office at a different show.
Sold websites.
Moved appliances.
Bus driver/performer.
Researcher/report writer.
Maintaining an eBay store.
Copywriter for the amazing saradipitymedia.
Flew to California to help a friend move.

There is a lot of everyday hustlin' going on to accomplish all this. Odd jobs that are pretty odd indeed. Nonetheless, it has all been enjoyable.

I would advise to be open and rid your ego (pride). You will want to put your best self forward and represent everything truthfully. Be honest, open and allow your energies and frequencies to invigorate and sustain.

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