Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Looking Down on the USA.

Amazing iPhone Photos

Rockies? Sierra Nevadas?
Our young country is beautiful for sure. Even though the U.S. is only about 235 years old, the land and magnificence have been around for millions of years. While flying from Grand Rapids Michigan to San Francisco California our route took us over some absolutely spectacular land. The sun was bright and the views were endless. My iPhone 3gs was up to the task, at least on the full shots with no zoom.

While dozing off while flying over both the Rocky and Sierra Nevada mountain ranges, I lost track as to which was which. There appears to be a slight break around Utah but looking down from above sometimes does not provide all the answers especially when the view is radically different than those we are used to. This can be applied to our "life views" as well. Of course, as we allow new ideas and perspectives to be introduced into our lives, we must dissect them and tailor the message to our own current situation. It is much easier to enjoy the sights when you are miles above and the only concern is getting to your current final destination back on the ground. Nonetheless, the views I enjoyed on my cross country trip were nothing short of awe inspiring and amazing. While normally I would be conked out while flying, mainly to avoid dealing with the fact that we are 20,000 feet above the ground and are traveling in a steel death trap, I enjoyed this flight quite a bit and am glad to be in San Francisco!

Here are some more shots of our lovely country...Check my Flikr page for even more fun!

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