Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Looking Down on the USA.

Amazing iPhone Photos

Rockies? Sierra Nevadas?
Our young country is beautiful for sure. Even though the U.S. is only about 235 years old, the land and magnificence have been around for millions of years. While flying from Grand Rapids Michigan to San Francisco California our route took us over some absolutely spectacular land. The sun was bright and the views were endless. My iPhone 3gs was up to the task, at least on the full shots with no zoom.

While dozing off while flying over both the Rocky and Sierra Nevada mountain ranges, I lost track as to which was which. There appears to be a slight break around Utah but looking down from above sometimes does not provide all the answers especially when the view is radically different than those we are used to. This can be applied to our "life views" as well. Of course, as we allow new ideas and perspectives to be introduced into our lives, we must dissect them and tailor the message to our own current situation. It is much easier to enjoy the sights when you are miles above and the only concern is getting to your current final destination back on the ground. Nonetheless, the views I enjoyed on my cross country trip were nothing short of awe inspiring and amazing. While normally I would be conked out while flying, mainly to avoid dealing with the fact that we are 20,000 feet above the ground and are traveling in a steel death trap, I enjoyed this flight quite a bit and am glad to be in San Francisco!

Here are some more shots of our lovely country...Check my Flikr page for even more fun!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Every Verse of The Universe.


The Christian extremists at Grand Rapids Festival of the Arts cried out for attention.  With their signs seemingly screaming "Damnation to All" they proudly stood and loudly spoke.  After spending a couple hours on Saturday in deep discussion with a sign holder calling himself Brother Robert, I wondered how I too could contribute my thoughts and share with the public.  I asked a few policemen about the sign-holders.  They told me it is all freedom of speech and a permit is not needed.  Good news indeed.  Knowing that balance was necessary and another voice needed to be heard, I made my own sign for Sunday.  The day god rested.

After making my way downtown and walking to the spot of yesterday's discussion, I was there.  Brother Robert was there.  It was only us and I was ready to spread the love.  Ready to talk and be engaging.  Ready to listen and not be afraid.
Festival 2012
Photo from Jon Clay
Standing along side this sixty-something-year-old man with his confused messages of judgment and criticism, I was at first nervous, my legs and arms shaking.  Holding my sign with it's essences of pureness, love and freedom, I soon found myself filled with power.  As people came in for pictures or high fives, I was emboldened; Brother Robert was harried as I became more comfortable.

Photo from Terry Johnston

Eventually people started to come to our area and talk.  He attracted more people than I, but the reasons didn't quite add up.  I pondered why people were not coming to me.  My sign proclaiming "Love Will Set You Free" - (quoting) Every Verse of the Universe & "Fear Nothing" on the other side, seemed to represent simple answers to the 'bigger' questions we ask ourselves everyday.  Yet they approached the man with the sign reading "Fear God" & the vest embroidered with "All Sinners Will Be Destroyed" and Bible quotes to correlate his point of view.

I was mentioned and pointed at a few times in his discussions with others as I stood mere feet away.  He brought up a bit of our Saturday discussion to a few people saying about me, "that man is damned and empty.  He is going to hell."  Unfazed, I asked again, as I did on Saturday, why he will not spend the time with me to save my soul.  If he has the chance to affect one person by furthering them to perceived absolute salvation, why does he now ignore me after passing his judgment of damnation?  I am beyond saving?  It would be much preferred if he shares his story.  Get the horse to water.  He will be thirsty soon, but come back and drink with the horse.  Brother Robert had proclaimed numerous times that he will "not fish where there are no bites to be had."  I had been judged, juried and executed in an instant.

When asked by a passer-by if he and I were 'together', I said "We are closer than he realizes."  Brother Robert guffawed his disagreement.

As I caught the eyes of people reading my sign I would shout "It's the truth" and "It can be so simple if allow it to be."  So simple and beautiful.

Many people stopped to thank me for offering a voice of reason.  A few came closer to talk about their beliefs while asking about my sign.  I listened, I talked; we agreed, we disagreed.  They were respectful conversations that offered insight as to how people arrive at some base and personal beliefs.  The arguments then unravel a bit as did some of the Occupy Wall Street folk's.  When I would question Brother Robert's dismissal of me or argue against the Bible, people would get frustrated and further expose their lack of knowledge.  I talked less and listened more.  People sometimes tend to make a case against themselves if given the chance.  After an hour or so, Brother Robert decided to move down the street to rejoin his group.  I followed.

Occupy Wall Street Vid on YouTube.

During the last few hours of Festival, people tended to gather around the others in Brother Robert's group.  There were more signs and more people.  Suddenly it was not a one-on-one, but only me representing a very small minority of thought amongst a group of zealous Christians.  I wondered why a sports fan was designated for eternal damnation as one sign claimed.  Or why us "Rock and Rollers"  must be just sinning it up all day.  I was unfortunately unenlightened.

I stood tall, quoting their signs to them while correlating their words to my simple message.

"We are all truth."  "We are all the light."  "We are all one."

There was finally some ridicule from someone due to my Slayer shirt.  "Thank you," I said.  "Your thought reminds us that you are unable to believe I represent love.  Because of a perceived difference that is purely physical, the clothing I wear, you judge me to not be a child of god?  You must label and judge me to keep your strength.  Your view that I can not be enlightened due to that quick judgment helps further my point about all this confusion that together we must address."  I was ready to talk more but had been dismissed after extending my invitation for further discussion.

Towards the close of the weekend Brother Robert listened for a few minutes as I spoke to a group of people.  I talked about how one person surviving a day is our collective sought after miracle and can supply us with enough energy to keep us all alive.  I talked about the energy that we all have and how it can be shaped and used by others to fulfill themselves and gain knowledge.  We can all apply what we learn to our own current situation.  We all survive.  We all help each other.  He seemed to nod along to a few things and finally pulled me aside for a tete-a-tete.  He insisted that one of us must be mistaken. There is black and there is white.  Good and evil.  Heaven and hell.  Right and wrong.  We agreed to disagree.

I told him that regardless of who is correct, I would see him again soon.  He begged to differ.  

As I was leaving, a couple mentioned that I attracted less people because I was telling the truth, the crowd favorite, the Goliath.  Let's all hope that is the case.

My base points are simple.  

1. Don't be afraid.  People are afraid of death first and foremost.  We want to stay on this earth because of the pleasures found to exist.  You are already free.  Do not forget that.  It gets better.

2. Realize that all emotions and physical reactions are a manifestation of either Fear or Love.  These are the only true emotions that exist and figure in everything we do.  The five senses give us the tools to awaken the rest of our self and expand.

Please feel free to contact me if you would like to discuss consciousness and spiritual and mental freedom.  I welcome all comments. 


Monday, June 11, 2012

Quick Cash is Everywhere. Use Your Tools.

Radix Malorum est Cupiditas

Cash is king and is a necessary part of existence. Although that is disappointing to admit, money gets us stuff and sometimes we need stuff. The specific stuff is a tool that is currently necessary to sustain us. Whether that length of time is five minutes or three days is irrelevant. We need something and where there is a will...

Having recently moved back to my hometown of Grand Rapids, Michigan and not having a job, it was time to hit the streets. After sitting in an empty apartment contemplating the fact that I was a few dollars away from being broke, I walked outside. Running into some friends who own and direct Super Happy Funtime Burlesque, I was offered an interesting gig as a bus driver and sound engineer for a few Midwest shows. I accepted and was off to learn how to drive a school bus. This was an absolute blast as were all the shows. I soon learned I would be performing as well, complete with sperm costume , silly string and golden penises. Through it all there was much knowledge gained and new connections made. The interactions were stimulating and the energy levels were visible and fulfilling.

Some shots from the couple weekends I was with the troupe...

Look around you. Talk to people. You will find opportunities but you have to get people to listen. When they do, you must be ready with a plan, have the right things to say and be able to back it all up. Talk up your skills but be ready to walk the walk when it comes to job time.

Each day be on Craigslist, Monster, LinkedIn and all the job sites you can find. There are always opportunities (among other things if talking about Craigslist) waiting to be picked up. Have resumes ready to be sent digitally and FOLLOW UP! Don't be afraid to ask people for ideas. The more people see you and get to know your name and face, the more likely they will ask for your assistance.

My hustlin' from the last two and a half months...

Scraped paint for a week.
Moved furniture and set up a garage sale.
Stage Manager at Trip The Light 2012.
Ran Box Office at a different show.
Sold websites.
Moved appliances.
Bus driver/performer.
Researcher/report writer.
Maintaining an eBay store.
Copywriter for the amazing saradipitymedia.
Flew to California to help a friend move.

There is a lot of everyday hustlin' going on to accomplish all this. Odd jobs that are pretty odd indeed. Nonetheless, it has all been enjoyable.

I would advise to be open and rid your ego (pride). You will want to put your best self forward and represent everything truthfully. Be honest, open and allow your energies and frequencies to invigorate and sustain.