Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Pictures instead of thousands of words.

As of late...

Looking good for 100+!

Baskets in the piano room.

Blaine rocks.

Nathan, stop it before it starts.


Now all in the house somewhere.

bible verse reflecting unbreakable strength
Like a nautilus. 

Engineer Dr. Jamie Dood.

Lotsa snow still. Tall, big piles.



This one is no joke...

Sleeping with one eye open is suggested.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Pics. Life. Cold. Winter. Snow. Fountain. Diamonds and Crescents.

Some Enjoyments From The Last Few Months...

Television and the SuperBowl are ugly.
Randy agrees. Two Doctors cannot be wrong.

Rockford Church


Sunset is crazy beautiful some nights. Parking lot view.

Wes and Bentley.

Ry Smiles.

Blaine smiles too, really.

Comfy and colorful. Thanks Burlington!

Fountain Street Church by Blaine A.

Ryan, San Chez, Pecha Kucha, Miracles.

No conspiracies here!

Nate Does The Truffle Shuffle. Glamorous.

FSC Roof

Wes' Shop, The Conservatory.

The Conservatory

Wes at his control point.

Don't walk under those.

Cut u up.

Fits well with the decor...

Randy's paintings in Wes' kitchen.

Obituary, Pyramid Scheme. Old School.

Ben Sollee at Wealthy Theatre.

The Klondike King - Nathan.

One guess: Where was this toy made?


In and through the thoughts.

SpringSummer colors for the guys.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Thank You For Being You. Don't Change A Thing, Babe.


Lol. Bye bye, ego.

My accepting of the necessity of "you," exactly as you sit, for "me" to be as I am, is imperative. No ego necessary to love you. 

"You" allows "Me." Life begets life. 

Cycles. All just cycles. The beginning of one is the ending of another. Start/finish, on/off, on and on, ad infinitum, forever, unendingly, eternally, always, etc.

Unity Consciousness is close. 

Singularity is within our reach. 

Shed, shed, shed ego. Say goodbye to unnecessary walls and refuse separation. Society's mindless, nonsense opinions are neither needed nor welcomed. Yet they are fed; daily they are fed as sheep are people too...